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Ignition Starter Switch, 2003-2007
Ignition Starter Switch, 2003-2007
Ignition Starter Switch, 2002-2006,
OE# 35130-SAA-J51, 35130-SD5-A01, 35130-SD5-000, 35130-FAA-J51,
replacement for:
H/D Integra DC5 '02-06; 2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,
A/C RSX '02-04,
(100 pcs/ 1.4 cu'ft)

OE# 35130SAAJ51,35130SD5A01, 35130SD5000, 35130FAAJ51,
Switch Ignition , Switch,Ignition , Ignition Cable Switch, Ignition Starter Switch, ALUKON POHJA , ZUENDSCHALTER, スイツチ,イグニツシヨン , ЗАМОК ЗАЖИГАНИЯ , Comutador elétrico de igniçãoe partida
Ignition Lock Assembly, 2002-2006 ATM,
OE# 35100-S6M-A02, 35100-S6M-A11, 35100-S6M-A12, 35100S6MA02, 35100S6MA11, 35100S6MA12,
replacement for:
H/D Integra DC5 '02-06 A/T; 2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,
A/C RSX '02-04 A/T,
(Lock With Key Reminder Switch & ATM Shift Inter-Lock Switch & Solenoid.)
(2 Keys With Transponder chip, But Without Immobilizer.
The Immobilizer Must Be Re-used The Original Part.)
(20 sets/1.2 cu.ft)

35100-S5A-A61 , 35100-S5A-A62 , 35100-S5A-A12 , 35100S5AA61 , 35100S5AA62 , 35100S5AA12